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ThinkPad X260のBIOSをアップデート
しばらくぶりにLenovo Vantageを起動してアップデート関連をチェックしました。手持ちのThinkPad X260のBIOSを1.23 (R02ET50W) から1.40 (R02ET67W) へアップデートしました。

Lenovo Vantageという純正のシステム更新ツールを起動します。

Lenovo Vantage

Lenovo VantageによるとこのThinkPadには 推奨2件、オプション2件のアップデートモジュールがあるとの結果が出ました。

Lenovo Vantage システム更新



今回は Update ThinkPad BIOSを選択して Next です。


アップデート中は電源OFFしないようにとの警告メッセージには Yes を選択して、いよいよ更新を適用します。



Windowsが立ち上がったら改めてLenovo Vantageを起動します。

Lenovo VantageでBIOS 1.40を確認

ThinkPad X260のBIOSがバージョン1.40へアップデートされていることを確認しました。



ThinkPad X260 BIOS Update CD (ISO image file for bootable CD)
https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/r02uj67d.txt より引用

Version 1.40/1.15

[Important updates]
- ME: Patch code for FPF issue. (Boot Guard Issue)
- Add boot path for Debian Linux

[New functions or enhancements]

[Problem fixes]
- Fixed System hang /w USB LAN at ExitBootServices.
- Fixed to preserve TPM state if user canceled the TPM firmware update.
- Fixed Bloomberg 4 Keyboard issue: Picked up EDKII change rev.21530
- Fixed TPM firmware update issue with TPM 1.2.
- Fixed BIOS silent update with system account.
- Fixed potential issue. Opened USB/PCI IO protocol was left open.


The following versions of UEFI BIOS and ECP (Embedded Controller Program) have
been released to date.


Package BIOS (BIOS ID) ECP (ECP ID) Rev. Issue Date
--------- ---------------- ---------------- ---- ---------------
1.40 1.40 (R02ET67W) 1.15 (R02HT33W) 01 2018/08/22
1.39 1.39 (R02ET66W) 1.15 (R02HT33W) 01 2018/06/15
1.38 1.38 (R02ET65W) 1.15 (R02HT33W) 01 2018/05/21
1.37 1.37 (R02ET64W) 1.15 (R02HT33W) 01 2018/03/16
1.36 1.36 (R02ET63W) 1.14 (R02HT32W) 01 2018/01/02
1.35 1.35 (R02ET62W) 1.14 (R02HT32W) 01 2017/12/04
1.34 1.34 (R02ET61W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2017/11/03
1.33 1.33 (R02ET60W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2017/10/12
1.32 1.32 (R02ET59W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2017/09/18
1.31 1.31 (R02ET58W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2017/08/03
1.30 1.30 (R02ET57W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2017/07/03
1.29 1.29 (R02ET56W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2017/05/23
1.26 1.26 (R02ET53W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2017/03/09
1.25 1.25 (R02ET52W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2016/12/22
1.23 1.23 (R02ET50W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 02 2016/11/11
1.23 1.23 (R02ET50W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2016/10/21
1.22 1.22 (R02ET49W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 02 2016/11/08
1.22 1.22 (R02ET49W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2016/08/30
1.21 1.21 (R02ET48W) 1.12 (R02HT30W) 01 2016/06/20
1.19 1.19 (R02ET46W) 1.11 (R02HT29W) 01 2016/03/30
1.17 1.17 (R02ET44W) 1.10 (R02HT28W) 01 2016/02/26
1.13 1.13 (R02ET40W) 1.05 (R02HT23W) 01 2015/12/04
1.05 1.05 (R02ET32W) 1.05 (R02HT23W) 01 2015/11/19

Note: Revision number (Rev.) is for administrative purpose of this README
document and is not related to software version. There is no need to
upgrade this software when the revision number changes.

To check the version of UEFI BIOS and Embedded Controller Program, refer to
the Determining which version is installed section.

Summary of Changes

Where: < > Package version
ECP: Embedded Controller Program version
[Important] Important update
(New) New function or enhancement
(Fix) Correction to existing function

- (Fix) Fixed System hang /w USB LAN at ExitBootServices.
- (Fix) Fixed to preserve TPM state if user canceled the TPM firmware update.
- (Fix) Fixed Bloomberg 4 Keyboard issue: Picked up EDKII change rev.21530
- (Fix) Fixed TPM firmware update issue with TPM 1.2.
- (Fix) ME: Patch code for FPF issue. (Boot Guard Issue)
- (Fix) Fixed potential issue. Opened USB/PCI IO protocol was left open.
- (New) Added boot path for Debian Linux
- (Fix) Fixed BIOS silent update with system account.

- [Important] Updated Skylake D0/K1 MCU to MC0406E3_000000C5_000000C6.

- (New) Version 03.12.003 code of FIT's InROM diagnostics.

- (Fix) Applied W/A for Handelsbanken USB Smart Card Reader and for Lenovo T2424z monitor.
- (Fix) AMT: Fixed the issue that Unconfiguration process is escaped.
- (Fix) AMT: Fixed the problem that unconfiguration ME prcocess repeatedly.
- [Important] Update Thermal table.

- (Fix) Updated Skylake D0/K1 MCU to MC0406E3_000000C1_000000C2.
- (Fix) Add Header Checksum Calculation after modification of ACPI Header.

- (Fix) Fixed Network boot happened at reboot after WOL from S3.
- (Fix) Fix AMT remote force PXE boot fail.(Need Load BIOS default)

- (Fix) Fix SMBios Type16/17 information incorrect.

- (Fix) Support interface of TPM firmware update.

- (New) Supported disable Back Flash Prevention for Mfg.
- (New) Add the RTC Power Status to the condition of Bottom cover tamper detection.
- (New) Add Back Flash Prevention flag(THP-1) for PSIRT-TA-201708-001.
- (Fix) Security Fix: Security ID 005-009 (Intel TA201708-001) for SPI Write status command.
- (Fix) Fixed BitLocker recovery issue when PCR5 was enabled as platform validation profile.

- (New) Supported P.U.R.E for flash update.
- (New) Supported P.U.R.E. for SrSetup.
- (New) Updated Capsule GUID to make manifest file to support Linux flash tool.
- (New) PSWD: Support the special character for the password.
- (New) Security improvement from Tianocore code base.
- (Fix) slp2:Check input buffer is outside SMM.
- (Fix) WMI: request ConfigChange restart when SVP is changed.
- (Fix) Security improvement completely shut out the interface of early phase of DXE after ReadyToBoot.
- (Fix) Password verification improvement.
- (New) Srsetup: Support Special Character Password Mode.
- (New) Enable the special character for the password.
- (Fix) Add fail safe code the default boot options can be loaded in missing Boot Options.
- (Fix) Added SMRAM range check for SMI parameter.
- (Fix) Fixed a incomplete signing and verification of capsule file.
- (Fix) Fixed possible infinite loop in LenovoSmapiH8ControllerService of the smapi service.
- (Fix) Fixed a bug that caused infinite loop.
- (Fix) Fixed problem that RTC_PWR_STS could not be read.

- (Fix) Updated Skylake D0/K1 MCU to MC0406E3_000000B9_000000BA
- (New) Add Linux LVFS support.

- (Fix) Update Samsung 18nm memory W/A
- (Fix) Fixed SVP verification failed after ReadyBoost

- (New) Modified code for Intel DCI function.

- (Fix) Reduce memory leak in Core Update SCT4
- (Fix) Core Update 18296/18298/18603.
- (Fix) Removed SMBIOS reporting option for NEC model.
- (Fix) Fix Current state is not displayed correctly.
- (Fix) Unselectable Epoch Change if SGX is enabled.
- (Fix) Update EDID for LGD LP140WF5-SPK1 and AUO B140QAN01.5
- (Fix) Applied W/A for WinPE low-res screen issue.
- (Fix) USB issues fixes.
- (Fix) Correct the handling for attributes of AUTHENTICATED_WRITE.
- (Fix) Remove USB Audio Class Device from Ignore List.
- (Fix) Avoid error assertion caused by library change.
- (Fix) Updated build ID and version to N1CET48W ver 1.16 / N1JET30W ver 1.17
- (Fix) Change "CurrentPolicy" varibale to 0 if it reads the value is 0x04.
- (Fix) Set port A CTLE setting 4.(R02ET52W Changed)
- (New) Added support SMBIOS reporting option in BIOS setup.
- (New) Added support Warning popup for Disable.
- (New) Added _BST workaround for Battery FW update on Win10 RS.
- (Fix) Fixed the shutdown code of hdd tamper.
- (Fix) Fixed to be able to unlock the password at reboot.
- (Fix) YD1 BIOS shows Error 1802 if Sierra WWAN card is attached during Remote Warm Reset.
- (Fix) Add wireless KB slow under DOS solution.
- (Fix) Fixed intel wlan noAMT did not do vpro downgrade.
- (Fix) Fixed Cannot Boot AMT ISO in Legacy.

- (New) Added 1.22 BIOS cannot downgrade notice info.

- (New) TCG: Fixed the bug that TPM setting was changed to disabled from inactive with dTPM1.2 in setup.
- (New) [Bug 29452] The buffer pointed a wrong address of BuildDate of LFS, it caused system hangs up at POST. Modified the code to make sure it copies the correct BuildDate to the buffer.
- (New) Delete UMRS02022 modification to fix CMOS POST error when ISO update.
- (Fix) Fixed unattended boot problem of password.
- (Fix) Fixed Monitor t2224z issue code change from phoenix.

- (New) Cannot downgrade to lower versions for security concern
- (New) Added source code for Chk4PPC.efi
- (New) Added new incompatibility bit for Back Flash Prevention.
- (New) Security fix for clear password buffer in memory after it is used.
- (New) Modify verb table at microphone disable and D3 Dos beep path (0.5V) table.
- (Fix) Fixed CMOS POST error when AC/Battery/CMOS battery detached.
- (Fix) Fixed S3 resume hang with NVMe HDP.
- (Fix) Fixed RTC POST error when date/time is broken.
- (Fix) Fixed Variable FVH header recovery issue.
- (Fix) Fixed PMM service for RTK USB LAN.

- (New) Enable to reset EC whenever ThinkEngine is reset in S3 and S0.
- (New) Let LEDs breathing starting from off state
- (New) Disable wake on lan by legacy method
- (New) Wait for 125ms after failing to get FET state
- (New) Do not read FET state after sending commands to turn off the discharge FET
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to incorrect battery charge/discharge sequence.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to password can be changed by the SVP in the setup.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to the SVP storing failure after the WMI packet processing
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to 2 battery system cannot be powered on
- (Fix) Fixed an issue that Legacy Boot Mode was recovered by pressing F9.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue that Popup appears even when Device Guard is already enabled.

- (New) Added Samsung 16Gb x 16 DDR4 On-Board Memory support
- (New) Corrected Memory copy to fix memory corruption.
- (New) Implemented Temporary fix code for RSE issue
- (New) Core Updated: Fix RSE causes reset loop
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to NVMe PassThru Protocol return incorrect value.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to system hang pressing the escape key in the windows 7 boot manager screen.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to a build error at generating reference manifest.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to setup popup message related to Device Guard.

- (New) Corrected DxDiag BIOS parameter.
- (New) Removed Safe Bottom Access feature.
- (New) Corrected countdown value for 9 seconds and less in Startup Interrupt Menu
- (New) Turned off the power LED in breathing mode while LID is close.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to CPU temperature cannot be read.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to garbage problem when PXE boot exiting.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue that WLAN module can't be detected when resuming from Hibernation in UEFI Only Mode.

- (New) Updated verb table.
- (New) Updated MCU 0x5C.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to "Preinstalled OS Liences" not shown in BIOS Setup sometimes.
- (Fix) Fixed an issue related to beep noise.

- (New) Initial release.


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